WEAPONIZED INK is the personal blog of Rantz A. Hoseley in which he’ll discuss various subjects ranging from the variouys aspects of the comic industry, reflections on business, or “lessons learned” in life.

Rantz has worked in the comic industry for 20+ years, videogames and software development for 15+ years, and has worked in film, TV, print, and design since 1985. His efforts in these various fields have included the critically-acclaimed Star Trek: Tactical Assault (PSP & DS), Rich Dad’s Escape from the Rat Race (with Robert Kiyosaki) and editing Comic Book Tattoo (which won the 2009 Harvey and Eisner Awards for “Best Anthology”)  Having grown up in rural Washington State, he now happily resides in California with his lovely wife and four daughters (who are already artistic and creative powerhouses)

Although Rantz currently spends his days as the founder and CEO of LongBox, Inc., and he may dicuss LongBox-related material within this blog, anything expressed on these pages should not be seen as “Company Policy”, or an official opinion held by LongBox, Inc. 

Additionally, Rantz is known to swear and ramble, and this blog will likely reflect that tendency.  If you find either aspect of that problematic, annoying, or offensive, this is not the blog for you.

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