An open call/letter to all…

This is a difficult blog entry to write. I thank you in advance for putting up with it, and forgiving me for having to write it.

The last two years have been… we’ll just say challenging. Those close to me know what I, and my family, have been through. Those not close to me do not need to hear about said challenges. Every one of us has them. Every. Single. Day. The world doesn’t need whining and/or complaining, especially in this day and age with every human being having their own personal megaphone with which to caterwaul via the internet. They are my issues, my challenges. I’m the one who needs to deal with them.

On the positive side of things, the 2-3 years of “challenges” have appeared to turn around. Because of the wonderful world of NDAs, I cannot discuss any of the developments that are supposed to rectify the situation… and THEN some… within the next three months. It’s been a lot of work, in multiple fields, juggling a truly insane amount of projects, but it appears (God willing and the river don’t rise) that it will have been Worth. It.

As part of these deals/projects/developments I cannot yet discuss, I have been driving back and forth to Los Angeles from San Diego at least every other week. Often more frequently than that. Negotiations and meetings and things-I-can’t-yet-discuss with companies-I-can’t-yet-disclose that have to be had with me there in person have had me on the road a. Lot. No complaints. Not ONE in the slightest. It’s very much worth it.

Yesterday, I had a car accident. While I and the other driver were uninjured, the front end of my car is rather… well, screwed. This leaves me unable to drive. Without being able to drive, I can’t close these deals, and the last three years of “challenges” go from having a positive ending to… something NOT so positive. Which is why I’m writing this. A blog entry I would do anything to NOT write. Wishing to some higher diety there was another options OTHER than writing this.

To be clear, in simple terms, I do. Not. Want. Charity. I do not want “donations”. I don’t want “loans”, I do not want that, and I cannot ask that. I am (in theory) a capable writer, artist, editor, designer, and all-around creative monkey who has been working professionally for the last 30 years. I need short term projects, that I can do quickly (but at an excellent level of quality) and that will provide payment in exchange so that I can get my car repaired.

If you, or anyone you know has a need for a logo design, a shirt or album design, character designs, writing or editorial services, please contact me at rantz at rantzhoseley dot com. (remove the spaces and insert the correct symbols, obviously) If you can, please put “Freelance” or something along those lines in the subject. Thank you for reading this far, and my apologies for having to write this in the first place.

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03 2013

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