RantzHoseley dot Com

Rantz A. Hoseley is an ink-slinging, profanity-spewing, caffeine-swilling force of creative dark matter that resides in Southern California with his wife, four daughters, and a number of animals.

Having grown up in rural Washington State, he escaped in the mid-80's to California to seek fame, fortune, and a future “making cool shit”. Since 1984, he’s worked in every creative field available to him including rock videos, comic books, videogames, newspapers & magazines, film & TV, and software development. Having received his “formal training” in Fine Art, he hopes to “someday soon” find the time to return to his first love of oil painting things that disturb and provoke.

Having won the Eisner & Harvey Awards in 2009 for the coffee-table format anthology, Comic Book Tattoo, he currently spends his days writing a novel, and working on a couple of screenplays, as well as a TV series.

Because he believes that truly, you can never be too busy, he also helps run a new technology startup company that he co-founded.

Specifics, details, and data related this these (as well as other) adventures can be found in his resume, and daily samplings of profanity can be found on his twitter feed.