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This is the site for Eisner & Harvey Award-winning Artist and Writer, Rantz A. Hoseley. Within these binary walls you can find a good and varied number of things. For example, as one might logically assume, navigation of these pages will uncover samples and bits of art taken from Rantz's 30-year career as a professional artist. (spanning from painting, comical books, concept and design work, to the world of freehand drawing, 3D models and UI/UX examples.). Soon, you'll be able to peruse snippets of writing (encompassing everything from finished scripts to short stories, with links to blogs and other word-related blatherings.). Of course, no website would be complete without the “standard elements” of a page containing Very Important Links, not to mention the prerequisite written-in-third-person “About” page (where you will also find Rantz’s current resume/CV, if you are interested in such things).

This site was constructed by Rantz using HTML5, CSS3, and a whole lot of manual, line-by-line coding. All images, icons, and related materials are generated by and/or the property of Mr. Hoseley. He retains all rights to them, and the use of any materials contained herein without explicit written permission is forbidden.

If you would like to ask for usage permission, or if you’d like to contact Rantz for other reasons, use the little email icon at the top of the page (It will not bite you, for it has no teeth.). To access other areas and content, just start clicking, tapping, poking, or whatever other form of interaction you prefer with the category icons above.

The "writing" section of the site is currently "unplugged", but will be connected shortly, allowing words to cascade forth in a luminous binary stream. Thanks for your patience.